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We had a successful weekend at the London championships on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 November. We’re so grateful for all our parents who bring the gymnasts to train and to all our competitions. Big thanks also to the coaching and judging team. Well done to all of our gymnasts.


2012 - hoop Shiloh 4th

2011- hoop George 2nd

2010 - hoop Nikki 1st

Junior - hoop Karolina 1st, Kiki 3rd, Maya 4th, Raya 5th


2012 - free Kiki 3rd

Junior - ribbon Mariana 1st

Senior - hoop Gabbi 1st


2012 - free Athanasia 5th

2011 - hoop and ribbon Amelie 5th

2010 - hoop and ribbon Naama 2nd

November 22 London Championships (1).JPG



25 - 26 of June

On the weekend of 25 and 26 June all of our squad gymnasts competed at the London Championships. This was our first in person competition as a full club after 2 and half years, a name change, some new coaches and some new gymnasts too! 

It was brilliant to see so many girls winning medals. Many of the categories (especially the junior level 1 category) were very competitive with lots of gymnasts!

Well done to all of our gymnasts, coaches, judges, parents and volunteers who helped make the weekend and the great results possible. 


2012 L1 Hoop: Shiloh 9th place 

2011 L1 Hoop: George 6th place

2010 L1 Hoop: Nikki 3rd place

Junior L1 Hoop: Karolina 2nd,  Raya 3rd,  Rosie 4th, Maya 6th, Kyra 8th



2012 L2 Free: Athanasia 1st, Kiki 3rd

Junior L2 Clubs: Mariana 7th

Senior L2 Clubs: Yuki 2nd, Gabbi 3rd



2011 L3 Hoop: Amelie 5th place

2011 L3 Ribbon: Amelie 7th place 

Senior L3 Ball: Zulema 3rd, Anaya 4th

Senior L3 Clubs: Anaya 3rd, Zulema 4th


Kyolis Cup
Online Competition

Kyolis Cup 2.JPG

Sunday 19 June 2022

On 19 June our gymnasts were part of AEB Gym’s 2nd Kyolis Cup online competition. We recorded our routines to enter in advance. Our gymnasts competed against other gymnasts from across the world - from France and Germany to the USA, Australia , Japan and Taiwan. We had some excellent results and scores. All scores were considered overall regardless of the apparatus used. 


2005 and older: Anaya 3rd, Zulema 4th 


2012: Shiloh 8th

2010: Nikki 7th

2009: Karolina 5th, Raya 6th, Maya 7th

2008: Rosie 6th , Kyra 8th

2007: Mariana 4th 

2006: Yuki 2nd, Gabbi 3rd

Kyolis Cup 4.JPG
Kyolis Cup 3.JPG
Kyolis Cup 1.JPG
Gymnasts with Balls

Zone A
Regional Grades

19 and 20 February 2022

Two of our espoirs, Amelie and Naama competed in the Zone A regional grades to try and gain the scores necessary to qualify for national championships. 

They both performed well, despite changes to the code on 14 February meaning some last minute changes had to be made to their routines. It was their first time competing in a competition at this level and with this pressure attached to it.

We are very proud of their achievements.

5th Open Yves Barboussat 

19 February 2022

A group of our senior girls competed in the online international competition ‘5th open Yves Barboussat’.

They competed against girls from around the world from France and Germany to Japan and Australia. They did brilliantly, even with the rankings being only for all around when girls were not competing on the same apparatus.

Gabbi Senior 2006 level C - third place overall (performing with hoop)

Anaya Senior 2005+ level B - second place overall (performing with ball and clubs)

Zulema Senior 2005+ level B - fourth place overall (performing with ball and clubs)

Thank you to coaches Franziska and Ama for organising the recording and Melissa for judging over 200 other routines online.

You can view the competition on Youtube here: 


Rhythmic Excellence - Friendly Tournament
Saturday 22 January 2022

What a brilliant day we had in Hoxton on Saturday 22 January for the Rhythmic Excellence friendly tournament.

It was a challenging day for everyone with girls performing their routines to be judged under the new code for the first time, judges judging for the first time with the new code, and the first in person competition we’d done in 2 years! We had some excellent results:

Amelie 3rd in under 12 hoop , 2nd in under 12 ribbon and 1st overall in the under 12 category.

Naama 1st in under 12 hoop

Anaya 9th in senior ball and 9th in senior clubs, competing against girls from the national team.

Well done to all of our girls and massive thanks to our coaches on the day Evina, Franziska and Ama.

Thanks also to our judge Melissa and guest judge Lisa.

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