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Four Seasons Tournament

 Summer 2014


On 29th june 2014,  our club squad took part in the last of the Four Seasons tournament at Edmonton, London. They had a fantastic day coming back with an outstanding  13 medals;7 golds,  2 silvers and 2 bronze medals. Congratulations also to Alexia, Ami, Akane, Moeri, Michelle,Millie  and Tess who also won overall Gold for the tournament.

ROSA - BRONZE - Under 10, level 1 - Free 

AKARY - 6th - Under 10, Level 6 - Free

ALEXIA - GOLD - Under 10, level 4 - Free

MOERI - SILVER - Under 12, level 2 - Free

MICHELLE - BRONZE - Under 13, level 2 - Ribbon

AMY - GOLD - Under 14, level 2 - Ribbon

MILLIE - SILVER - Under 14, level 2 - Ribbon

TESS - 4th -Under 14, level 2 - Ribbon

AKANE - SILVER - Junior, level 4 - Ribbon

British Championships
16th 18th May

Three girls from our club squad took part in the British Championships at Stoke on Trent. They competed over three days, in the overall and individual apparatus finals. Congratulations to ALEXIA, CHIARA and JESSICA who all competed successfully!


Well Done Girls!!

Under 10

Alexia - Overall Silver  Free Silver  Rope Bronze  Hoop Bronze

Under 12

Chiara - Overall 6th   Free 5th ball 5th

Jessica - Overall 7th  Clubs 4th Rope 6th


Seven girls travelled to Canterbury to compete in the regional grades, from pre grade to grade 9 level. All had a lovely day, competing with lots of confidence and were delighted to come back with a total of eight medals. Congratulations to all!

Pre grade

Dana - Silver (Free)


Alexia - Silver (Hoop), 4th Overall


Grade 7

Chiara - Silver (Ball), Bronze (Clubs) and Overall Silver

Jessica - Silver (Clubs) , Overall Bronze

Grade 9

Akane - Silver (Clubs) , Overall 4th




Six  of our club squad girls travelled to Walsall to participate in the Open Championship.  It was the first time we went to this competition, and the girls were delighted to come back with medals!

Congratulations to Chiara who won silver medals in ball and clubs ( Espoir), Jessica who won a bronze medal in ball ( Espoir) and Akane who was placed 4th in clubs and 5th in ball (Junior). Alexia and Akari both competed successfully in Espoir category and Ami competed in Junior category.

The Second Four Seasons tournament Winter

On 2nd February 2014, eight girls from the club squad took part in the second Four Seasons tournament at Edmonton, London. They all competed successfully against stiff competition from other London clubs, and performed beautifully with the hoop in this winter tournament. Congratulations to the girls and their coaches who came away with a total of 7 medals; 2 golds, 2 silvers and 3 bronzes. They were also excited to meet one of their idols, Anna Bessanova!

Under 10, level 3

Akari - 4th

Under 10, level 4

Alexia - Gold

Under 12,level 2

Moeri - Bronze

Under 13,level 2

Michelle - Silver

Under 14, level 2

Ami - Gold

Millie and Tess - Bronze

Junior, level 4

Akane - Silver

rhythmic gymnastics London

Four Seasons tournament

On 17th November 2013, 8 girls from our Rhythmic Club squad took part in the first  2013/14  held at Edmonton, London. They all competed successfully and we had a fantastic day with a total of 7 medals, 2 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze. Well done girls!

Under 10, level 3 (Rope)

Alexia - Gold

Akari -4th

Under 12,level 2 (Rope)

Moeri - Silver

Under 13,level 2 (Clubs)

Michelle - Bronze

Under 14, level 2 (Clubs)

Millie - Gold

Ami -Bronze

Junior, level 2 (Clubs)

Tess - Bronze

Junior, level 4 (Clubs)

Akane -Silver

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