8th - 9th December

This London Championship competition was the last one of the year and we could not expect better results from our gymnasts.


Anastasia - 4th place Hoop

Zulema - 1st place Club

Yuki - 7th place Ball

Liwia - 5th place Ball

Diana - 3rd place Ball

Jiamu - 6th Place Hoop


Sasha - 1st place Hoop and 2nd Free Routine

Sophia - 10th Place Rope and 8th Free Routine

Poppy - 4th Clubs and 6th Rope

Elizabeth - 1st Ribbon and 2nd Clubs

Elena - 1st Ribbon and 3rd Clubs

Marfa - 1st place - 3rd place

Sasha - rhythmic gymnastics.jpg
Sasha - rhythmic gymnastics.jpg
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Jiamu - Rhythmic Gymnastics, Hoop
Jiamu - Rhythmic Gymnastics, Hoop

rhythmic gymnastics, hoop, sport, competition

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Diana - Rhythmic Gymnastics, medal
Diana - Rhythmic Gymnastics, medal

rhythmic gymnastics, medal, sport, competition

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Jiamu , rhythmic gymnastics, hoop
Jiamu , rhythmic gymnastics, hoop
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Sasha - Rhythmic Gymnastics
Sasha - Rhythmic Gymnastics

rhythmic gymnastics, free routine, sport, competition

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Poppy, Sasha, Sophia - Rhythmic gymnastics, medal
Poppy, Sasha, Sophia - Rhythmic gymnastics, medal

rhythmic gymnastics, medal, sport, competition

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Sasha - Rhythmic Gymnastics, medal
Sasha - Rhythmic Gymnastics, medal

rhythmic gymnastics, medal, sport, competition

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Jiamu - Rhythmic Gymnastics, Hoop
Jiamu - Rhythmic Gymnastics, Hoop

rhythmic gymnastics, hoop, sport, competition

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Diana - Rhythmic Gymnastics, ball
Diana - Rhythmic Gymnastics, ball

rhythmic gymnastics, ball , sport, competition

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Devotion Cup


10th - 11th November

What wonderful results our gymnasts had during the last competition in London for the Devotion Cup.

We are very proud of all of your hard work. 

Rhythmic Gymnastics


Jemima - 6th Free Routine
Marine - 1st Free Routine
Anastasia - 3rd Hoop
Yuki - 3rd Ball 
Diana - 1st Ball  
Liwia -1st Hoop 


Zulema - 4th Clubs 

Poppy - 6th Clubs, 7th Rope 

Sophia - 4th Rope, 6th Free routine 

Sasha - 3rd Hoop, 6th Free routine 

Elena - 4th Ball, 8th Clubs - Miss Expression


Rebecca - 2nd Clubs, 3rd Ball, 3rd Overall 
Elizabeth - 2nd Ribbon, 3rd Clubs, 2nd Overall 
Marfa - 3rd Ball  
Amaranta - 1st Ribbon 



Bath, 27th - 28 thOctober

The 2018 English Rhythmic Championships took place at the University of Bath Sports Training Village over the weekend of 27th - 28th October. Bath University and Team Bath Rhythmic Gymnastics provided a fantastic venue and facilities for this competition to take place in. In this high level competition, our gymnasts performed wonderful routines achieving great results.

In the Junior individual competition Marfa

achieved a fantastic 1st place in Ribbon and 3rd Overall.

In the Espoir section U11, Elena was placed 4th in free routine.

In the Senior competition good results for Amaranta who was placed 4th Overall and achieved a 3rd place in Ribbon.

A big thank you to our coaches Vanessa and Paulina for the hard work with our girls.

Rhythmic gymnastics hoop
rhythmic gymnastics
rhythmic gymnastics balance
rhythmic gymnastics
rhythmic gymnastics balance
rhythmic gymnastics

Marine Grace 

Burgas, Bulgaria

27-29 July

Our elite squad gymnasts Narelle, Amarante, Marfa and Rebecca took part in the "Marine Grace" Competition in Burgas, Bulgaria. The competition was very tough because of the high level, some of the gymnasts will also compete in the next World Championship Competition. Despite of it with a lot of energy our girls achieved incredible results.


Gold Medal in Ball, Clubs, Floor and All Around


Gold Medal in Floor and Ribbon, Bronze in Ball and 4th Place all Around


6th Place in Ribbon, 7th in Clubs, 5th in Ball and Hoop and 6th place All Around.


8th Place in Ribbon and Clubs, 7th in Ball and 5th place All Around.

rhythmic gymnastics clubs
rhythmic gymnastics
rhythmic gymnastics ball


9th - 10th June


Despite the very high-level of gymnasts, our girls obtained incredible results at NDP Finals showing great tenacity and determination.

Huge congratulations to Marfa who achieved a 1st place in Ball, 2nd in Clubs and 2nd in Ribbon and was overall Champion for Grade 8.

Good results also for Elena who was placed 4th overall in Grade 6 and achieved 3rd place in Ball and 5th in Clubs .

Well done to our Rebecca who achieved 10th place in ball and 11th in ribbon. Thanks to this she was 9th overall in Grade 7.

                                                                                          We are really proud of all of your results. 

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Bath Open

3rd - 4th June

Fantastic results for our Elite Squad girl Marfa at Bath Open Championship. She was proclaimed 1st in Ball, 3rd in Clubs an 3rd Overall!

Great 5th place Overall for Elena!

Well done to Narelle and Rebecca for taking part at the competition and showing incredible improvement.

IV World Games

of Young Compatriots


18th - 19th May

Congratulations to our Junior gymnast Marfa for participating in IV World Games of Young Compatriots 2018 in Kazan. Marfa qualified in Ball finals where she got 6th place!! Fantastic result, wishing our Marfa all the best for the future!

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics



London Spring Cup

6th May

Amazing result at London Spring Cup for our Junior Elite Elena.

She achieved 2nd place with a wonderful ball routine

Well done also to all of our gymnasts competing in this event!

Marfa, Diana and Yuki we are very proud about you!


2nd London Rhythmic 
Gymnastics Championship

Finally another week end of competitions is over. Many gymnasts took part in the 2nd London Championships on 24 and 25 of April. They won 2 silver and 4 bronze medals! Huge well done to all our gymnasts for the great results!


• Sofia  - 3rd place Free 

• Liwia - 3rd place Hoop

Zulema - 2nd Place Hoop 

Nanako -3rd place Hoop

• Lucia - 3rd  place Ribbon 

Lola - 2nd place Clubs and a special prize "Miss Dance "

And well done also to our other gymnasts which have improved a lot their performances.

Marin - free

Anastasia - free

Jiamu - free

Jemima - free 

Yuki - hoop


to all

of you!

Rhythmic Gymnastics


25th March

Big big Bravo to all of our beautiful girls who competed at Regional Grades and Levels. 

  • Marfa - 1st Ball & Ribbon, 2nd clubs & overall

  • Rebecca - 5th Ribbon & 6th overall

  • Elena - 4th Clubs & 5th overall

  • Zulema - 1st Hoop

  • Lucia - 2nd Ribbon

Well done also to all our gymnasts taking part in this competition for your incredible improvement.

Rhythmic Gymnastics
Rhythmic Gymnastics
rhythmic gymnastics London

Pastorelli Cup

Congratulations to our Junior Elite Squad girls Marfa, Rebecca and Elena for taking part at Pastorelli Cup in Germany. Girls had so much fun and gained another beautiful experience!

1st London Rhythmic
Gymnastics Championship

On the 24th of February 2018, seven girls from our club took part in the First London Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship. All of them performed beautifully and with a lot of energy. We are very happy about their results. Congratulations to these girls and their coaches who came away with a total of 6 medals: 3 golds, 1 silvers and 2 bronzes.


LEVEL 4 - 2002 - RIBBON

1st Place - Laura 

LEVEL 5 - 2003/2004/2005 - CLUBS

2nd Place - Marfa 

LEVEL 5 - 2003/2004/2005 - BALL

1st Place - Marfa 


Our Elite Gymnast Marfa took part at her first GBR Junior Squad Training! We are very proud of you. Keep up the hard work.